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At Attack Energy Distribution Inc., we thoroughly vet all vendors before incorporating their product lines in our system. We refuse to sell you a product that we wouldn't use ourselves!


Cata-Dyne™ WX Series Catalytic Heaters

The explosion-proof catalytic technology used in the WX Series is the most efficient in the industrial heating market, and the versatility and reliability of the WX has made it the heater of choice for many customers throughout the world.

WX Series - Explosion proof gas catalytic heater.jpg

AC-TC Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve

This model modulates the flow of fuel from 100% when heat is required to approximately 30% when the thermostat is satisfied. It reduces the fuel gas by 70%.

AC-TC - Copy.jpg


G222 is a versatile EPDM rubber air hose. It finds widespread use in industrial, agricultural, construction, and marine applications. It allows a working pressure of 250 psi. It features two-spiral reinforcement in sizes up to 3⁄8" and four-spiral reinforcement in sizes 1⁄2" and above. 

G222 Multi purpose hose.jpg

MKII Series - Explosion-Proof Gas Catalytic Heater

Cata-Dyne™ MKII Series Explosion-Proof Infrared Gas Catalytic Heaters are an industry standard for space or spot heating applications in hazardous environments. It features sleek side mount controls, which are ideal for quick and easy installation.

MKII - Copy.jpg
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